Monday, March 4, 2013

December 2012 album

Simple Stories Album - front cover

I really like the combination of cardstock pages and
page protectors in the Simple Stories albums

Our city has Snowflake lights decorating
the downtown area during the holidays.  I used some snowflakes that were meant to be ornaments on the page on the left and cut a Hambly snowflake
transparency to size and added it to the left. 

The Hambly snowflake transparency covered a blurry photo on the right that I wanted in the album.  Its a motorized Christmas tree in our annual Christmas parade.

I added the program for a holiday pops concert we went to.  Fits perfectly!

 I originally set out to do a December Daily type of album.  Date card at top of page is one of Ali Edwards' digital items that I printed and decorated. Working full-time I did not end up with enough "daily" photos and had multiple event type photos so the album evolved into a December album.

I alternated 2 different page protectors throughout the album.  On the right I cut to size another Hambly transparency (reindeers).  I love how these look in the page protector pockets.  (Idea came from Ali Edwards) 

Added a Christmas card right into the album

Cut 4 x 6 photo in half to add to the top 2 pockets.

I've been working on this album since Thanksgiving on & off.  I was able to finish it on Saturday at a Crop.  I used Simple Stories Handmade Holidays and 25 Days of Christmas pieces throughout the album along with items from my stash.  I have a Christmas basket with all sorts of Christmas embellishments that works really well for me. Things I'll do differently for my next December album include:

  • I'll not set the album up ahead of time.  This seemed like a real timesaver to me but ended up making me feel like I had to fit a mold that didn't work for the photos I had and stories I wanted to tell.  It felt forced.
  • I'll definitely gather a variety of supplies and will probably use the Simple Stories album again.
  • I'll set up a paper journal to write things down daily.  This year I just had a sheet of paper that I wrote notes on each day and then I lost it!  
  • I'll try to save more memorabilia
  • I'm not using a December Daily format.  I took Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas and will use that type of approach instead.
  • I'll take more photos.  I'm not a big picture taker.  Probably a throwback to so many years of film photos.  I thought I was taking a lot of photos but when it came to pick photos for the album it didn't seem like many.  
So that wraps that project up - on to the next one!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finding Photo Freedom

Sorting old film cartridges, negatives and index prints

Film cartridges and index prints in bags sorted by years

Stacks of photos waiting to go into storage binders

Library Lists

Category drawers
I haven't had much of a chance to blog over the last 4 weeks since Finding Photo Freedom started over at Big Picture Classes (BPC). I am one of five coaches assisting Stacy Julian as she teaches the 10 week-long class.  I am having fun but have found that it's a lot harder than it looks.  I appreciate Amy, April and Melissa who coached my class back in 2011 and have returned for this class as well.  Blayne is the other new addition to this year's class.  I'm slowly working on my system during the class and hope to continue through the spring/summer on my own. The photos above show some of the elements that we've been working on among others during the first 4 classes.