Monday, December 31, 2012

Finding Photo Freedom Pre-class materials

I started reviewing the pre-class materials for Finding Photo Freedom (FPF) over the weekend and today I completed the following items:  the Finding Photo Freedom Pledge, my week's schedule, and my EQ (Enough Quotient).  I also watched Stacy Julian's pre-class video before I completed these items.  Looking at the sheet on the left in the bottom photo you may be able to see that a good deal of my week's time is spent at work.  I basically have weekend and weekday evenings left for everything else.  Stacy believes that we need to have a good understanding of what is enough for us to be happy with what we accomplish; and until we understand (realistically)know what that is it won't ever feel like its "enough".  In 2011, when I took FPF the first time I threw everything I wanted to accomplish on to my EQ.  Realistically though there wasn't enough time in my schedule to humanly complete it all. I think that this time I understand better what Stacy is saying and have created an EQ that is realistic and achievable.  I actually have one open space (see the sheet on the right in the bottom photo) for four of the five categories listed.  I may leave it like like this or add something later in the process.
Here's my EQ for 2013 as of today:
Spend 15 minutes three times a week with my digital images
Spend 15 minutes three times a week with my non-digital photos
Complete 2 page weekly spread in my Project Life album
Complete One Little Word 2013 assignment
Complete 3 layouts
This Year:
Re-visit Twelve
Re-take FPF
Fill photo frames with photos! (and hang on walls)
Update SD card in digital photo frame
Blog - three posts per week
Purchase PSE 11 and learn how to use it (Check out Ali Edwards' tutorials and other online tutorials/classes
Now I have to admit I have a lot more projects I would love to complete this year but I'm focusing on this list and I'll see how many challenges come up.  The first few months of the year tends to be fairly easy as the winter weather keeps me indoors.  As spring arrives it becomes more of a challenge to keep to a schedule inside.
Are you taking Finding Photo Freedom with Stacy Julian starting in February?  If yes, what's your EQ?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Little Word 2013 and more

Over the last couple of months my One Little Word (OLW) for 2012 JOY was in the forefront of mind as we enjoyed the holidays and a new word for 2013 started making its presence known.  At first the word was complete and that was perfectly understandable as I took a record number of Big Picture Classes in 2012 and ended up not finishing several.  I also have several books to finish, picture frames that need pictures, other projects that remain unfinished and so on.  As I began researching and learning more about the word complete it didn't seem to cover enough of what I was hoping for in 2013 so as one word led to another to another I have chosen the word SEEK for 2013.  I'll be working on learning more about this word as I begin preparing for OLW 2013.
As 2013 is shaping up to be a year of completing, repeating and re-taking classes and projects I'm also planning on taking May Flaum's The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide.  I loved this class last year - one of the classes I actually finished except for the final project.  I want to repeat this class for a couple of reasons.  First, May is an enthusiastic teacher and is very inspiring.  By the end of the class I was really becoming more adventurous and doing more mixed media types of art then ever before so I'm hoping to continue that type of work and incorporating it into my scrapbook pages.

I would really like to integrate my OLW 2013 journey into my everyday Project Life or if that doesn't seem possible an album that really helps me focus on those things I am seeking.  I'm really looking for a process that helps move me forward.  Helps me be more accountable to what I'm looking for in 2013.  I'd love to hear your ideas and plans for 2013.                                                          
The red albums are my OLW and Move More, Eat Well albums.
The pink album is an 8 x 8 album that I haven't used yet.
My Twelve and Finding Photo Freedrom notebooks
are on the chest of drawers as well as
I try to get organized for the new year!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finding Photo Freedom

One of the classes I'll be taking at Big Picture Classes (BPC) in 2013 is Finding Photo Freedom (FPF).  I took this class in 2011 and LOVED it!  Stacy Julian is an amazing teacher and it re-inspired my scrapbooking and memory keeping in ways I never could have imagined.  I'm really excited to be taking the class again.  I also received a surprise regarding this class and will be able to share that with you sometime after the new year!  Now that I'm enrolled in the class I'm reviewing the Pre-class materials and preparing for FPF.  One of the decisions I need to make to this weekend is whether I'm going to purchase Photoshop (PSE 11).  I've been debating this since the last FPF class.  I'm not sure why I'm procrastinating, oh I know, I hate the fustration of learning new programs!  Poor excuse, right?  There are so many free tutorials out there now and lots of classes so I just need to make this a priority.  Plus I learned today (from one of the BPC's message boards that there is a book Photoshop for Dummies that someone found very helpful and takes you step by step through the program.  I'll have to check that out and make sure its updated for PSE 11.

Yesterday I showed you my work tables - the photo above shows what my desk looks like.  I've printed out the pre-class materials for FPF and will be working on my Enough Quotient (EQ) and sign my Finding Photo Freedom Pledge.
I'll be checking the supply list and checking over what I already have to see if I need to order anything.  I think I'm pretty set but may need to order a couple more storage binders.
If you are interested in Finding Photo Freedom go here for more information:
I'm also going to check out Echo Park's new Photo Freedom System.  I have the Dear Santa pack (I love all things Christmas/holidays).  I'd like to look at the other packs too plus what page protectors are available as well.  With everything I want to finish up and complete in 2013 I'll need products that are simple and easy but look amazing!  For more information on Echo Park's Photo Freedom System, go here:
This will take you to the pdf that's sitting on my desk.
More tomorrow!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Here comes 2013!

So here is what my craft room looks like as we approach the new year.  I'm slowly working on my 12/12/12 album(top photo) from Big Picture Classes (BPC) Twelve class.  I didn't complete 144 layouts (12/month) as part of the class but I learned a lot about storytelling thanks to Stacy Julian!  I'll be reviewing this class with several other class members as we continue to dig into the enormous amount of material that was part of this class. I love the Simple Stories album that we are using for this project.  I'm trying to think how I want to do Project Life and also do another Simple Stories album in 2013.  I love the idea of a Year in Review album like this.

The middle photo shows my December Daily album in progress.  Several snowstorms have prevented me from getting to CVS to print my latest photos but hope to get that done today before more snow tomorrow!  I'm enjoying this process and have several ideas for how I would like to do this next year.  I think I'm changing it to a Holiday album and include Thanksgiving through the New Year next year.  I'm also working my way through Journaling Your Christmas with Shimelle.  Shimelle provides two prompts a day - there is a lot of material and I need to catch up with those as well.  (Can you tell I have a large "to-do" list for the next five days?)

Bottom photo is a look at my three work tables.  Can you see my Project Life album buried and shoved up against the wall in the photo?  That's on my "to-do" list too.

What's on your "to-do" list for this last week of 2012?  And what are your plans for 2013?  Stop back tomorrow as I talk about my One Little Word for 2013 and what that means for my goals and plans for 2013.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily/Journal Your Christmas

The top two photos are a few of my foundation pages in my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas album. I'm using templates from Ali Edwards for these journaling cards and then embellishing them.  Since I didn't not get much journaling done in last year's December Daily album I added Journal Your Christmas (JYC) to my process this year.  Two days in to the class and I'm amazed at the amount of information and material that Shimelle provides. If you're interested, check out
I apologize for the slightly dark photos above - its always an adjustment this time of year as I get the lighting figured out.  It gets dark to early and today we didn't the sun at all.
The next photo is a shot of Becky Higgins' 6" x 6" Small Envelope Pages.  I found out these fit in the Sn@p! albums very well.  I was looking through all my stuff for items to use in my Sn@p! albums for December Daily/JYC and 12/12/12 when I figured that out.  Also, in Becky Higgins Small Variety Pack Page Protectors there are 5" x 7" page protectors - the 2 vertically aligned ones work in the Sn@p! album also.
The last photo shows the chaos my room is in right now.  Those are photos I'm gathering for the 12/12/12 event at Big Picture Classes.  We're creating a mini-album showcasing photos and memories from this past year.  All around the photos are Christmas/Holiday items for embellishing the December Daily/JYC album.
Are you doing a holiday album this year?