Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop Friday April 1st beginning 11am EDT

The monthly One Little Word (OLW) Blog Hop is Friday, April 1st beginning at 11am EDT.  My post will show that I posted it on Wed. March 30th as I'll be out of town on the 1st so I have to get it done today. I don't trust the automated posting system as it did not work last month. 
So here is a look at my March page.  The first photo shows the front side of my tag which says 1 Little Word.  My word is illuminate and while I've been worked on a number of things since January that I wanted illuminated I have not worked on the health portion.  So I chose to attend weekly Weight Watchers meetings this month as my one little thing.  However, I added one more little thing to it - to maintain a food journal.

 So my 1 little thing became 2 and in photo 2 the flip side of my tag says 2 Little things.
 The third photo shows the page protector with the flap open.  I still may do something with the black piece of cardstock.  I lost 2.4 pounds so I may make note of that there.
 Here's what my album looks like opened to February and March's prompts.
I found the calendar card to be most useful keeping me on track.  I ended up having to switch meeting days/times as various things came up so you'll see arrows pointing to different days.  I also wrote weight loss/gains on the card.  I think I'll use this again in April just to hold me accountable.
This was all very simple to do and everything I used I found in my stash of supplies!
Thanks for stopping by!  Please visit my fellow One Little Word bloggers - their blogs are very fun and are quite varied! If you are going in order down the list of bloggers Cynthia's blog is next -

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Thanks again!  Hope to see you next time on May 1st!  Lynn

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop

Next blog hop is April 1st - stop back and check out what everyone has been working on in March!

Flip Flaps

 Here is a package of Close To My Heart's Flip Flaps and one of the Flip Flaps next to it. These are great when you have a couple more photos to add but not enough to fill an entire page protector.  In the second photo you can see that I've added the Flip Flaps to the bottom right corner of one of Becky Higgins page protectors - known as Design A to Project Life'rs.  In the third photo you can see that I've 2 Flip Flaps to the right corner with photos front & back.  Great way to create a story with photos.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project Life Ideas

 Short post this morning as I'm getting ready to go to a Crop today!  Always so much fun to get together with others, catch up on everyone's news, see their photos, what they are working on and what new things the vendors have!  And munch on goodies!
For those of you who have a lot of photos that you want to include and are worried about the size of your album by the end of the year the Flip Flop Fasteners may be a good answer for you!  I'm planning to use these today so I'll have a post showing more details in the next day or two.
Close To My Heart makes Flip Flap Memory Protectors that also allow you to place multiple photos in the same place.  I just found out yesterday that Close To My Heart also now has a 12" length with various width Flip Flaps Memory Protectors so I'm hoping that my CTHM consultant has those todays.  If not I'm ordering them!  I'll have a post with the 4 x6 size in the next few days as well.
I'm off to scrap!  Hope you're having a crafty weekend too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Life pages

 For those of you who are already doing Project Life you know that Becky Higgins has 2 sets of Project Life Page Projectors.  Design A are the page protectors that come with the kit although they are available seperately as well.  Design A has 4-4 x 6 horizontal pockets and 4 - 3 x 4 vertical pockets.  The 3 x 4 pockets were intended for journaling cards that come with the kit but I use them for photos as well.  Its easy to trim a 4 x6 at the top or bottom about 1/8" and the cut in half!  I like the look of photos in these pockets.  Design B has 3 - 4 x 6 vertical pockets and 6 - 3 x 4 pockets (horizontal alignment).  I'm mostly using Design A in my 2011 album as I didn't need other sizes/configurations.  This is because I was orienting my photos as I was taking them to fit in the pockets of Design A.  However, when I got the second Project Life Kit I had the problem of photos and memorabilia that did not work in Design A so that's when I started looking around for other page protectors.  In the top photo I have a Close To My Heart 12 x 12 page protector which I use for the layouts I'm adding.  Then there is a 8 x 1/2, 8 x 8 and 6 x 12 page protectors that I'm using for photos, layouts and memorabilia. 
The second photo shows two types of We R Memory Keeper page protectors.  The one on the left is their multi-pack.  I highly recommend this one particularly when you are first trying to decide what you may need.  I feel it gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to create in a way I could not in a traditional album.  The pack on the left is great when I have  1-2 vertical 4 x 6 photos.  There are a variety of other packs - if interested in these check out Memory Works or contact me as I am a Memory Works consultant.  Next post I'll show you two other items I'm using in my Project Life albums that allow you to add more than one photo or journaling card to a space!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Life #2

I was having so much fun with Project Life 2011 that I decided to buy a second album (the Amber) and start clearing up my backlog of photos ( 6 years worth!).  At last weekend's crop I managed to get through October's pictures for 2010 - pretty good since these weren't even printed yet!  I love that my everyday, garden variety photos can go quickly into the pockets but I can still do layouts for my special photos (see top photo) or the photos that inspire me.  Later on as I look through the album I can still pull photos out and complete layouts if I'm so inspired.  I'm using a whole variety of page protectors mostly from We R Memory Keepers.  More about those in a future post.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop - Illuminate


Welcome to the March 1st One Little Word Blog Hop.  The blog hop begins at 11am EST.  Some blogs may not have their 3/1 post available until that time if you stop in earlier.  If you are following in order the next blog to visit is Stacey at .  A complete list of the entire blog hop is at the end of this post.
February's One Little Word prompt was a little harder than January's I thought.  This required more thought and observation whereas January's was more creative artwork and learning about the word we chose.  Our prompt this month was to "cultivate an awareness of the ways in which your word works in the world" and to take "a variety of photos" that "evoke or are literal representations or some reason or another reason or another remind you of your word."  There were several ideas which quickly came to mind.  However, getting some of those photos proved difficult because of the weather. My point and shoot camera also did not seem equal to the task as I wasn't able to get some shots the way I wanted so I'm going to have to look through the manual to see if I can figure out how to do some of the techniques I want to do with it.   My 9 photos above are what I've put in the page protector but I may change in the future if I can get the photos I want.  I won't change them all though.  Ali did say that we might revisit this prompt later in the year so I may leave them just to see how things change over the next several months. 
Some of the photos may not bring illuminate to mind for you.  My goal for this year with this word is to illuminate some areas of my life that I struggle with.  I'm looking for new answers and new ways to approach these areas.  No resolutions this year.  The photo in the top left is of a Mind Map I did - I did one for each of the areas I want to change.  I'm adding new ideas as I find them to the Mind Maps. (If interested in finding out more about Mind Maps just Google them.) I'm also keeping track of what I'm working on and what I'm accomplishing each month (photo bottom middle).  My word has taken me to new books, websites, music, e-books, e-courses, blogs and people - its been quite an adventure so far.  One thing in my life that is no longer illuminated is our TV - after a lot of thought and discussion my husband and I decided not to renew our contract with our cable provider and to go without TV.  Only a few days in so I'll let you know how that goes but its all a part of this process - for me. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Next blog to visit on the blog hop is Stacey at

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