Saturday, October 29, 2011


There may be sunshine (or Son-shine) on this layout but its anything but sunny here today.  I finished this layout last weekend at a 2 day crop.  And it just makes me smile!  The photos are of my grandson and I got the idea for SON-shine from my daughter-in-law who labeled his photos on Facebook under the title Son-shine.  It brought the lyrics to mind. 
And for the lack of sunshine here - its been snowing or snow showering (mix of snow/rain) all day today.  Its the second time its snowed on our pumpkins this week!  What about you?  A lot of places have had snow - are you one of them?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Journey of the Heart and Simple Stories

I wanted to share these links with you
Simple Stories has several great collections - Ele'mentary, Life Documented, Baby Steps and many more.  These are great for Project Life, scrapbooking, cardmaking, mini albums and home decor!  Go to this link for free downloadable digital elements (printable too)

Journey the Heart Journal combines an art journal and a writing journal with weekly emails.  Even if you only do one or the other the emails are great for inspiration and the artwork is beautiful  Check it out here...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall tags

 I finally got to play in my craft rooom yesterday!  A week ago Saturday I was in Wendy Vecchi's Ranger Ink Studio 490 class have lots of fun and getting very inky!  The next day when I was ready to play I realized that I had left my craft mat at the workshop!  Bummer...  Since it was a 4 hour round trip to get the mat I just ordered another one from my LSS.  I think it would have cost more in gas to make the trip than the mat itself cost.  So on Friday I got the new craft mat - aren't they amazing?  You can do anything do these and it just washes off.  I completed these 2 tags - I just love the fall colors.  Not sure if you can see the sparkle from the Distress Stickles on the pumpkins and vine in the photo on the right.  The second one did not turn out as originally planned & I may still play with that one a little more.  I have 2 more tags I've started but not finished.  One thing Wendy told us at the workshop was to have several things in various stages that you are working on.  This way your artwork has plenty of time to dry, you can work on what appeals to you that day and you enjoy the process of creating step by step and layer by layer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tags from Wendy Vecchi's Ranger Ink 490 Style Class


Technique Tags with Wendy Vecchi
Ranger Ink 490 Style

Alcohol Ink on Glossy Paper

Pearlized Stamping

Yesterday I shared photos of Wendy from Saturday's class.  Today I'm posting photos of some of the tags we completed.  I love that the directions were provided on white labels to go on the back of each tag! 

Distress Ink Application with two of Wendy's stamps

Alcohol Ink with Pigment Ink

Alcohol Ink on Clearly for Art

Gesso Textured Background
I love all the techniques but I think this last one is my favorite.  I can seeing using this for so many things!  Collages, scrapbooking, cardmaking, the possibilities are endless!  What's your favorite technique?

Ranger Ink Studio 490 Style with Wendy Vecchi

(wearing blue apron)
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Vecchi and taking her Ranger Ink Studio 490 Style workshop at Buffalo Stamps.  I wish I had been able to take a class like this a long time ago.  The class is in a similar format as those that Ranger provides for store owners and class instructors.  We did a variety of techniques on manila tags and on the back of each we put a label with the instructions for the technique!  Wendy was an amazing teacher - so relaxed and organized.  We never felt rushed and I think everyone felt that they learned a lot.  I had a lot of fun.  I hope I can take more classes with Wendy in the future.  Here are some photos of Wendy at the class (one with me) and some of her projects.  I'll post photos of some of the tags we made tomorrow.

Wendy demonstrating another technique

Wendy with me

Aren't these beautiful?  The flash on my camera was a little too bright on the middle photo and washed out the beautiful, rich colors in the background.  I'm sure these will inspire you though!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st One Little Word Blog Hop

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop!

So here is where I am in this journey........

We were asked to create a personal playlist for our word.
The prompt for this month really stumped me.  I finally got some ideas this month and got this far with it.  I may even switch out some of the lyrics as I spend more time listening to music when I'm not in the car.  I just realized as I'm looking at the photo that I'm missing a card and #8 & #9 are in the wrong slots!

Ali gave us an easy month this time.  All we were asked to do was to add a photo of ourselves - I still need to make this into a 5 x 7 and add a phrase to it.

This month we were asked to look back at the documentation of our tasks/missions/objectives that we created in May.  Ali wanted us to review where we were.  Did we want to change anything?  Did we want to let go of some of them?  She basically was asking us to choose our battle.  I decided to using the wording "choose your path"
 After 6 months of completing Ali's prompts within the month July's prompt just drew a blank for me.  Then in August & September a health issue requiring surgery took a lot of my time and attention along with the online class MotherLOAD.  Life is calming down (for now) and I hope to finish the few items I mentioned above during October!
Now on to more details about the September prompt....When I first read the details for September my heart sank.  I thought I really haven't made much, if any, progress on my goals/tasks/mission.  However, as the days went by I realized I really was thinking about my word in the wrong way.  I chose the word Illuminate and the things I wanted illuminated this year were our finances, family, my health & creativity, simplicity, and clarity.  While I've not met the specific goals I set in May in all the areas I really have illuminated these topics.  I've learned a lot about each of them along with finding a variety of solutions or possibilities.  My battle (or path) that I've chosen is to concentrate on my health.  I realize I tried to work on too many things and split my time & attention which diluted the results.  (I have a bad habit of this).
Thank you for hopping by!

Here's the full list of blog hop participants and if you have been following along the next stop on the hop is Lisa at  or start at the top and work down the list.

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