Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm home from CKC - I only visited the Vendor Faire this year. The last few years the Vendor Faire at CKC-Buffalo
has gotten smaller and this year it seemed even smaller. No Skinny Cow this year! The other thing I noticed was that the vendors - many of them - had much smaller spaces than last year. I spoke with some of them - one chose a smaller space as she had just had a baby and their decision to come to Buffalo was a last minute thing. Others say its based on the economy. Some were new to CKC and were trying it out. I noticed that many of the booths were based on clearance items or retired lines. Several had items ranging from 99 cents to $3. I have a couple pictures to share over the next few days of some things that caught my eye. Here's the first one - Stamplistic's booth had a $3 make'n take that quickly caught my attention just a few minutes on the floor. The single image is what I made and the picture with all the flowers is their display board. The single flower is made with one stamp that you stamp on 7 different colored papers. Then you cut the image out but each succeeding paper you cut another layer in. You use tape runner to create 3 sets of flowers than use pop-dots to connect the 4 layers that you are left with. Add some glue glitter & glitter and you're done! I'll post future projects once I get a chance to use the stamp I purchased.

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  1. OK no skinny cow is a CRIME!!!