Tuesday, August 17, 2010

how do you fix mistakes?

These are the last 2 card designs that we created last Saturday at Kathy's Stamp Camp.  As I mentioned most of the products used were Stampin' Up products.  I love the polar bears but I messed up on both cards when I stamped Celebrate the Season on the front of the "snow" so I've done 2 different fixes on the cards at left - neither of which I like.  How do you fix stamping errors or artwork that doesn't meet your expectations?  In this case on the top cards I'm probably going to try and redo the snow bank completely and reattach the polar bears - not sure if I'll be able to do that without ripping the paper.  The middle card I'll probably leave as is.  The polar bears are made with different size circles for the bodies, an oval for the adult bear's head and circle for the baby bear's head.  The snouts are made by cutting an oval in half (appropriately sized).  The ears were made by 2 different size hole punchs as are the noses.  Eyes & eyebrows were colored by a black pen.

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  1. Ohh holy smokes... love this post!! ;) I always thought that some of my mistakes that i had to fix turned out to be the best parts !! :)
    tfs!! great post!

    with a grin,