Sunday, February 6, 2011

Congratulations! You are the winner of my OLW Blog Hop Give-A-Way!

When I opened my email yesterday this caught my eye right away!  Margie, the organizer of  the blog hop on Feb 1st was letting me know I had won the give-a-way she hosted on her blog. Woo-Hoo!The photo above is Margie's son after he picked my name.   Her blog is first on the list below (see Jan 31st post for list). You'll want to check out the photos on her blog of the fireworks there - her photography is beautiful!
I'll have to wait a little while for my goodies as Margie lives in China and they are celebrating Chinese New Year and things are closed for the holiday.  I'll post when I get my goodies.  And mark March 1st on your calendar as we're doing the Blog Hop again!  And I'll be there will be more give-a-ways this time! 

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