Friday, August 26, 2011

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap Blog Hop

Welcome to the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap Blog Hop!

Photo of the collage that was on my postcard.
 If you are not a regular on my blog you'll want to scroll down through the previous blog posts (the first Postcard Swap post is July 31st but there are only a few blog posts to go through that are not related to the Swap) to see the postcards I received.  Please feel free to leave comments as I love to read them!  While my postcard was a photo of a collage piece I made for Claudine Hellmuth's Compostion for Collage class all the postcards I received were from photographers.  I received a total of 7 postcards - 5 from Swap participants, one  from Cara who received one of my postcards and one from Kat the founder & organizer of the swap. 
The swap was relatively easy to do.  I took photos of my collage work, printed the photos and adhered them to a postcard.  I had in my stash of stuff the adhesive backed postcards so I didn't even need to purchase those!  I wrote a message on the back of each postcard and mailed my 5 postcards  & 5 address labels off to Kat prior to the deadline.  I think the hardest part was deciding what to put on the postcard - sending your art out into the world can be a little scary and intimidating but in the end it was a lot of fun.  Kat was extremely helpful when she set the swap up with resources and various ways you could approach the project. 
As I began to receive the postcards I emailed each person that provided their email to let them know I got their postcard and to thank them for participating in the swap.  Several of the people who sent me postcards also provided their blogs,website and/or etsy addresses as well.  So I checked those out too.  I found it very interesting to see what they were all working on.  I listed the blogs, website and etsy addresses in the posts with their postcards so you can check them out as well.
As people started to receive my postcards I received emails and blog comments from them. While I had provided 5 postcards I only heard back from 4 people.  I'm sure it was a matter of the postcard getting lost in the mail.  I was able to check their blogs/websites as well which I enjoyed. 
It was so much fun (kind of like your birthday!) to come home from work to find a postcard or email. 
Now that you see how easy it is I hope you'll join us for the next swap which is tentatively set to happen in early 2012. 

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  1. Hello Lynn (Again)
    I received the postcard you display at the top of this blog, of course. Anyway, just bloghopping from Kent England and connecting up with LIA folks!


  2. Having only received 5 postcards when so many other people participated, it is so nice to see what other artists created. Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Thank you for sharing all of your connections with the swap! You chose a beautiful piece for the swap, and I understand the "scary" feeling. I think that's why some folks didn't put their contact info on their cards - it was enough for them to participate, it might have been too much to have their name on there. Thank you for your great participation and for joining in the blog hop!

  4. Hello!
    Nice to meet you, Lynn :]
    Thank you for sharing the techniques you used for creating your postcards. It looks wonderful!
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the blog hop... I know I am!

  5. I so agree with your remark that it was like a birthday to find a post card in the mail. The art you shared is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it here!

  6. Your collage postcard is beautiful! I enjoyed getting the mail, too. It made a huge difference in the bunch of bills I receive.:)

  7. Hey Lynn -
    I really enjoyed getting your postcard in the mail - you were my first one. i'm with you.. finding a beautiful postcard in the mail was a really special treat.

  8. I too anticipated loveliness each time I walked to pick up my mail.

  9. I really enjoyed this project! Looking forward to participating again.

  10. Hi Lynn!

    I love the colors you used in the collage for your postcard :) The postcards you received are wonderful too - I agree that it was so much fun to get the mail each day!


    p.s. I live pretty close (Buffalo, NY). I was actually hoping to get to Jamestown for Lucy's 100th birthday celebration, but family emergencies have kept me close to home this summer.

  11. How wonderful! I just scrolled down to admire all the postcards :-)

  12. enoyed hoppig around to all the blogs of people that played in this swap what fun.