Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop - December 1st

Farewell, Illuminate!

Before we begin I want to finish up some business from the October 1st blog hop.  I'm still looking for scrappnbee - she was one of the winners of last month's blog hop giveaway here.  Please email me at with your snail mail address so I can send your goodies to you.

For those of you who have been following One Little Word's Blog Hop you know that the last few months I've not fully completed each months' prompt.   I've been upset that I seemed to run out of steam without completing the full year.  In the past month, however, I have come to the realization that its because I'm done with my word, Illuminate.  Its done what I wanted to do for this year and its time to move on.  I've looked at the areas that I wanted illuminated and have taken action in each of those areas - my finances, health, creativity, simplicity, family & clarity.  While there were things I could not change or resolve I have made huge gains in all of these areas.  I have read books, blogs, & websites, and taken classes (live & on-line).  I have made friends and have learned so much from them.  I've tried new things, worked through difficult challenges and celebrated success.  I think my biggest success is in the area of creativity.  I had basically stopped scrapbooking and all other creative endeavors - I didn't even want to go into my craft room - it seemed like one more chore.  I felt completely blocked.  I've completed albums, home decor items and holiday items.  I'm excited again to be creating and look forward to my time in my craft room.  So even though I'm not continuing with the prompts I feel that OLW 2011 has been very succesful for me - my journey with Illuminate was meant to be a shorter one & I'm glad I could recognize that. 

I know my word for 2012 but I'm saving it for awhile yet. Its been hanging around for awhile and I finally recognized it in the last month.  I'm looking forward to experiencing it through another year of OLW.  I considered switching this month to my new word but felt that its best to begin in January.

I hope you're enjoying your journey with your 2011 word!  If you're not participating in this year's OLW check out for the 2012 version of One Little Word. if you'd like to join us.  You never know where it will take you!

If you are beginning to think about your One Little Word (OLW) for 2012 you may be interested in listening to Lain Ehman (from LayOut A Day) as she discusses the process of choosing a word for OLW in her podcast here

WELCOME __  __  __!
Stay tuned.....

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  1. Good for you for doing what's right for you. Here's to 2012!

  2. I can totally appreciate that your word has done it's job for this year. My next year's word has been knocking on my door for awhile already and seems quite anxious to be adopted! Good luck in 2012 - hope I will continue to see you in OLW. My blog post is here:

  3. hello Lynn,

    so glad to see you again. my I miss your blog, it's always full of good stuff. thank you for letting me know about Julie, that's why I'm doing an art journal now. She just had a 30 day journal class for November and I loved it. So inspiring and fun to play in these journals. So mine is ready to go, will be sharing tonight/tomorrow. My son came down with strep so I'm taking care of him.
    I love all your ideas and am going to try and do my DD in my PL album like you.
    Happy December to you and I'll be back soon to check out the goodies again.

  4. You were done with your word early in the year and as I try to pick a word for 2012 I'm realizing my OLW journey is not over. I will have a different word but Embrace [who I am] will continue.

  5. It's great that your word worked so well for you. Looking forward to hearing what your new word will be.

  6. I think its great that you can realize that you are done with your OLW and not just push yourself to go through the motions...

  7. It's wonderful how you can accept that your word has done all it can do, especially when you've accomplished so much with it. I look forward to your OLW for next year.

  8. So exciting that you've gotten so much out of your word this year!