Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I've been up to in 2013

So here is a peek at what I've been up to in 2013!

After Finding Photo Freedom began in February I took Organizing FUNdamentals at Big Picture Classes (BPC).  I thought that I would just clean out a few things and get my craft room in shape for the rest of the year.  We ended up removing EVERYTHING from the room, repairing & painting the walls and woodwork, and washing the floors!  That was a crazy few weeks as all my craft stuff and furniture resided in other areas of the house.  But it was so worth it - I have a craft room that I really, really love and enjoy - although its not as neat and tidy as the top photo suggests.
Being a coach for Stacy Julian's Finding Photo Freedom (FPF) class was an amazing experience but left little time for anything else.  I'm hoping to be asked to coach again later this year for either FPF or another class that Stacy is developing.  More on that once I hear.
The third photo is my Summer Bucket List.
Fourth photo shows canvases of an art class I was able to take as part of a research project at University of Buffalo.  I'll talk more about this in a future post.
A 3 day stay in Erie, PA at the Bayfront.  In the distance is Presque Isle.  I love being on the water - ANYWHERE!
Next 2 photos are Pinterest projects I completed this summer.
Another trip to Presque Isle.
Next three photos are three different events in Bemus Point on Chautauqua Lake including one of three art shows (in various places) we've been to so far this summer.
I started this blog post with the intention of updating my small but loyal group of readers with what I have been up to but two other results have occurred:
1) I am pleasantly reminded that I've had a very busy and fun summer so far.  I almost always feel like all I do is work so this was a great reminder that I do lots of fun things to!
2)  I've got some great layout ideas as I created this blog post!
I hope you take the time to review your year to date and remember all the good things in your life!
What have they been?

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