Monday, August 5, 2013

An Art-full Summer

Summer is a great time for art around here.  Early in the summer I was invited to participate in an Art in Nursing worshop.  The 3 photos above are from the art gallery and studio that we were in.  The canvas second from the right is mine.  Ginny, the instructor, and Gallery Director is in the foreground.  It was a wonderful workshop about how you can easily bring art to a patient with a few supplies and some easy techniques.

Believe it or not this train station is now an art gallery.  I wasn't able to take any photos inside.  The artist and her husband (a train buff like my husband) have kept the historical and original details as much as possible.  The day we were there was the grand opening and the artist was working on a still life composition. Love watching other people work.

Art festivals can be found every weekend in the summer and fall here.  We tend to pack a lot into our summer weekends because of rainy or wintry weather the rest of the year. We've been to several and enjoy them all whether they are a small, country village art festival or juried, urban art festivals.

We went to the Buffalo Garden Walk for the first time this year and really enjoyed it.  It's the largest Garden Walk in the United States.  We only saw a small portion of the gardens available and are already making plans for a longer trip next year.  I don't have many photos of the gardens since its difficult to get a good photo with other people walking through.  I did get a nice shot of this fairy garden.  See the bridge in the bottom of the photo? It links to the second pot in the photo below.

 This fountain is in the same garden as the fairy garden.

 And of course the architectural details of the older homes are another art form!  

This past weekend we were able to see Michael Israel in person at Art In Concert a fundraising event.  No cameras were allowed at the performance so I'll direct you to his website   It was the most amazing performance.  Check out his website or Facebook page to see some short pieces of his performance.
How have you filled your summer with art?

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