Saturday, August 23, 2014

Since I last posted....

I've been looking into other options for the future.  While I love scrapbooking, creating traditional layouts as well as doing Project Life albums, I have realized that I miss journaling.  Last fall I did a Gratitude Journal and found that it really helped to keep me focused on what was important as well as appreciating the small things in life!  I also know that I want to downsize my album size in the future.  I've done 12 x 12 albums since the very beginning (1998) and as I prepare to move (more on that in a minute) I realize that all these albums take up a lot of space as well as weighing a ton!

 So I'm looking at some of the new products available both in format and size and thinking about how I want to proceed in the future.As you may remember from my previous post I am incorporating a variety of things into this year's Project Life album and I have found it difficult to keep it all straight within one album. I'll be taking that into consideration as well when I make my plan for 2015. I'll share an update on this year's PL album in a future post.
 Among other activities we're trying our hand at Community Gardening - this is what we started with in June.
We've gotten to a few summer-type activities.  The photo at the right was taken at Lake Erie Speedway; also in June.
With my work responsibilities and my husband's work schedule we haven't gotten to as many events or activities as usual.  We've also had two yard sales this summer (one just for my crafts) and those have taken up a fair amount of time as well.
In working towards our goal of downsizing we put our house on the market in mid-July.  Folks came to look at it the day after we signed the paperwork to list it and the day after that they made an offer which we accepted.  Originally they wanted to be in our house by August 29th which caused a great deal of panic on our end as that would have given us about 5 1/2 weeks to pack and move.  We also had a week's vacation planned in that time period to visit our son's family in the Seattle area!  It's all worked out as the people buying our buyer's house have just received their mortgage
commitment so it's still going to be awhile.  I'll just be happy to have a moving date as this point.
Photo on the left is a of our grandson taking us for a walk in the woods behind his house.

I hope you're having a great summer with time for creativity and reaching for your goals.

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  1. Wow - what a busy summer! I hope the move goes smoothly - do y'all already have a place to move to?