Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop - Illuminate


Welcome to the March 1st One Little Word Blog Hop.  The blog hop begins at 11am EST.  Some blogs may not have their 3/1 post available until that time if you stop in earlier.  If you are following in order the next blog to visit is Stacey at   http://www.TheAcornGarden.com/blog .  A complete list of the entire blog hop is at the end of this post.
February's One Little Word prompt was a little harder than January's I thought.  This required more thought and observation whereas January's was more creative artwork and learning about the word we chose.  Our prompt this month was to "cultivate an awareness of the ways in which your word works in the world" and to take "a variety of photos" that "evoke or are literal representations or some reason or another reason or another remind you of your word."  There were several ideas which quickly came to mind.  However, getting some of those photos proved difficult because of the weather. My point and shoot camera also did not seem equal to the task as I wasn't able to get some shots the way I wanted so I'm going to have to look through the manual to see if I can figure out how to do some of the techniques I want to do with it.   My 9 photos above are what I've put in the page protector but I may change in the future if I can get the photos I want.  I won't change them all though.  Ali did say that we might revisit this prompt later in the year so I may leave them just to see how things change over the next several months. 
Some of the photos may not bring illuminate to mind for you.  My goal for this year with this word is to illuminate some areas of my life that I struggle with.  I'm looking for new answers and new ways to approach these areas.  No resolutions this year.  The photo in the top left is of a Mind Map I did - I did one for each of the areas I want to change.  I'm adding new ideas as I find them to the Mind Maps. (If interested in finding out more about Mind Maps just Google them.) I'm also keeping track of what I'm working on and what I'm accomplishing each month (photo bottom middle).  My word has taken me to new books, websites, music, e-books, e-courses, blogs and people - its been quite an adventure so far.  One thing in my life that is no longer illuminated is our TV - after a lot of thought and discussion my husband and I decided not to renew our contract with our cable provider and to go without TV.  Only a few days in so I'll let you know how that goes but its all a part of this process - for me. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Next blog to visit on the blog hop is Stacey at  http://www.TheAcornGarden.com/blog

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  1. Love your photo prompts. We don't have a TV and enjoy life very much without one!

  2. I loved the challenge this month - your photos are fabulous! Can't wait to see what March has in store for all of us :)

  3. Love your photos. This was toughter this month for sure!! You did fab!!!

  4. I like how you used some book covers as your photos. All the photos look lovely!

  5. I would LOVE to get rid of the TV - I don't think my other family members would agree though.

  6. Yes the challenge was tougher, but I like your take on things! Great job!

  7. Great introspective look at the challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great job with the photos. I've been fascinated by the subject of happiness and your photo reminded me that I need to revisit the Happiness Project. Happy blog hopping!

  9. Oh, I think you're doing a great job of illustrating your word through your photos. I guess (as you said) one more area you'll be finding illumination is on how to use your camera. I think that's cool how maybe it's not something you'd plan, but, because of this challenge, it's something you'll pursue. Love how that all works. Hope you continue to enjoy the journey... :)

  10. I like the different ways you are thinking about "illuminate." Kudos on turning off the TV! I've been doing that more lately myself, much to the kids' dismay. lol ;) Nice job with the photos! :)

  11. Love that you took a picture of your mindmap and the ideas it illuminates - sounds like you are on a powerful journey this year. Wishing you all the best!
    Cynthia #44

  12. Lovely photos. I love your perspective and how you are embracing your word.

  13. I really like hearing how your are embracing your word

  14. It is so fun to check in and see how things are going with your word. I love how much thought and care you are putting into it. I have The Happiness Project and need to read it. Thanks for joining the blog hop again!

  15. Your pictures glow with light! Beautiful work.

  16. I am so proud of you for giving up tv! That is awesome. I also read an loved the happiness project. Good luck with your word in March.