Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Little Word May 1st Blog Hop


Welcome to our 4th monthly One Little Word Blog Hop!  I'm so happy you could stop by.  Our assignment this month was to write a letter describing where we are right now with our word and where we hope to be in a year. 
Top photo is my Illuminate photo. 
Next photo is an overview of both pages for this month. 
The third photo is a close-up of my left hand page which consists of a piece of printed paper (the same print as last month) and a downloadable element that I printed out onto a piece of white cardstock that has "Note to Self" and "April 2011" on it.  Below that is a picture of my new grandson (first grandchild).  He's 3 weeks old in that photo which was taken at the beginning of April.  I want to put a saying with the photo but I haven't found what I want just yet so I'm still thinking about that.  I don't have PhotoShop or Elements so I'm looking for a rub-on or vellum piece that might work. 
The 4th photo down is the right side page with the letter to myself.  This is a short version of what's in the manila envelope behind.  I wrote a fairly lengthy letter to myself that was quite specific so I tucked it away in that envelope.  I should probably seal it otherwise I'll probably be peaking at it in a few months.  This exercise was particularly helpful to really think through what I've been doing so far this year and consolidate my thoughts in one place.  Also, it helped me envision where I want to be next year - celebrating my success and achievements in a couple of areas!
The last photo is our previous month's assignment that I did again in April.  For those of you that visited on April 1st you know that I'm trying to lose weight.  So I'm hoping that this exercise will help keep me accountable.  I'm weighing in at Weight Watchers each week but I wasn't able to stay for 2 meetings and keeping my food journal daily is happening sporadically.  I plan to continue March's assignment each month through the end of the year.  I appreciate the time you took to visit and hope you'll leave a comment.   For those who leave a comment their name will go into a drawing on May 10th for a giveway of some craft goodies.

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  1. My apologies to the other members of the blog hop. I did my post as a draft earlier in the week and everything looked fine. When I posted it today, its dropping everyone's first names! Not sure why as I did a cut & paste from Margie's email. As this point with the blog hop set to start in less than an hour I don't want to mess with it.

  2. Wonderful goals! I would seal it up too! I don't have very good discipline with "no peek" rules! ;)

  3. Love the post! Congrats on the first grand baby! Adorable! Good luck with the Weight watchers and the no peeking!-Amanda

  4. No peeking....I don't know if I could do that! Love your list of goals, though, and wishing you success all the way around.

  5. Great job on April's prompt. I'm still putting it all together.

  6. Wonderful post. Congrats on becoming a that's illuminating!

  7. i just love the photo of you & your first grandchild. that must feel simply amazing. good luck with WW. i'll be thinking of you when i weigh in this week, too!

  8. These are great goals. Congratulations on becoming a Gran :)

  9. Gongrats on the Grandbaby!!!
    I think it's a great idea to do March's assignment each month.

  10. Congrats on the accomplishments in family in health! Keep working toward illumination!

  11. your olw this month is extra special with that sweet baby boy! congratulations on such joy. and kudos to you for keeping up with your commitments.

  12. I love that you are doing the March assignment for the rest of the year. That is a great idea! Your posts are always so inspiring. So glad you are participating each month. And what a gorgeous grandchild! Congratulations again!

  13. I love your word. Your album is looking great!

  14. Lovely! I adore your heart background paper. Everything is coming together so nicely. Enjoy your trips to see your family. xoxo

  15. I love seeing how the OLW albums are coming together. You're doing a great job keeping up the momentum of your word.

  16. Your album looks great. Best wishes on your weightless goals. I'm still struggling with that myself.

    If you can't find a rub-on or vellum quote for your photo you could print the text and cut out groups of words or the individual words and adhere them that way. I know it's not the same look as a rub-on or vellum, but it's still an idea.