Monday, December 31, 2012

Finding Photo Freedom Pre-class materials

I started reviewing the pre-class materials for Finding Photo Freedom (FPF) over the weekend and today I completed the following items:  the Finding Photo Freedom Pledge, my week's schedule, and my EQ (Enough Quotient).  I also watched Stacy Julian's pre-class video before I completed these items.  Looking at the sheet on the left in the bottom photo you may be able to see that a good deal of my week's time is spent at work.  I basically have weekend and weekday evenings left for everything else.  Stacy believes that we need to have a good understanding of what is enough for us to be happy with what we accomplish; and until we understand (realistically)know what that is it won't ever feel like its "enough".  In 2011, when I took FPF the first time I threw everything I wanted to accomplish on to my EQ.  Realistically though there wasn't enough time in my schedule to humanly complete it all. I think that this time I understand better what Stacy is saying and have created an EQ that is realistic and achievable.  I actually have one open space (see the sheet on the right in the bottom photo) for four of the five categories listed.  I may leave it like like this or add something later in the process.
Here's my EQ for 2013 as of today:
Spend 15 minutes three times a week with my digital images
Spend 15 minutes three times a week with my non-digital photos
Complete 2 page weekly spread in my Project Life album
Complete One Little Word 2013 assignment
Complete 3 layouts
This Year:
Re-visit Twelve
Re-take FPF
Fill photo frames with photos! (and hang on walls)
Update SD card in digital photo frame
Blog - three posts per week
Purchase PSE 11 and learn how to use it (Check out Ali Edwards' tutorials and other online tutorials/classes
Now I have to admit I have a lot more projects I would love to complete this year but I'm focusing on this list and I'll see how many challenges come up.  The first few months of the year tends to be fairly easy as the winter weather keeps me indoors.  As spring arrives it becomes more of a challenge to keep to a schedule inside.
Are you taking Finding Photo Freedom with Stacy Julian starting in February?  If yes, what's your EQ?

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