Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finding Photo Freedom

One of the classes I'll be taking at Big Picture Classes (BPC) in 2013 is Finding Photo Freedom (FPF).  I took this class in 2011 and LOVED it!  Stacy Julian is an amazing teacher and it re-inspired my scrapbooking and memory keeping in ways I never could have imagined.  I'm really excited to be taking the class again.  I also received a surprise regarding this class and will be able to share that with you sometime after the new year!  Now that I'm enrolled in the class I'm reviewing the Pre-class materials and preparing for FPF.  One of the decisions I need to make to this weekend is whether I'm going to purchase Photoshop (PSE 11).  I've been debating this since the last FPF class.  I'm not sure why I'm procrastinating, oh I know, I hate the fustration of learning new programs!  Poor excuse, right?  There are so many free tutorials out there now and lots of classes so I just need to make this a priority.  Plus I learned today (from one of the BPC's message boards that there is a book Photoshop for Dummies that someone found very helpful and takes you step by step through the program.  I'll have to check that out and make sure its updated for PSE 11.

Yesterday I showed you my work tables - the photo above shows what my desk looks like.  I've printed out the pre-class materials for FPF and will be working on my Enough Quotient (EQ) and sign my Finding Photo Freedom Pledge.
I'll be checking the supply list and checking over what I already have to see if I need to order anything.  I think I'm pretty set but may need to order a couple more storage binders.
If you are interested in Finding Photo Freedom go here for more information:
I'm also going to check out Echo Park's new Photo Freedom System.  I have the Dear Santa pack (I love all things Christmas/holidays).  I'd like to look at the other packs too plus what page protectors are available as well.  With everything I want to finish up and complete in 2013 I'll need products that are simple and easy but look amazing!  For more information on Echo Park's Photo Freedom System, go here:
This will take you to the pdf that's sitting on my desk.
More tomorrow!

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