Saturday, January 11, 2014

Designed Decor Colonial White Frame

Holidays are over but I didn't have a chance to share photos of this gift before I sent it across the country.  Last fall I shared what I did with Close To My Heart's Designed Decor Black Frame with Halloween photos of my grandson.  This time I did Christmas photos from his first 3 Christmas'.  I love that these are so easy to do and get oohh's and ahh's from everyone who sees them.  All it took here were a couple of photos some colored clips(clothespins-these are popping up everywhere) and some of my scrapbooking stash!
I gave a set of these frames to my other son and daughter-in-law who don't have children and they were just as excited to get them.  They will be using one for pet and vacation photos and using the other for appointment cards, notes, etc.  
Lots of different ways to use them.  
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  1. Very nice indeed. CTMH has some fun products lately.