Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall tags

 I finally got to play in my craft rooom yesterday!  A week ago Saturday I was in Wendy Vecchi's Ranger Ink Studio 490 class have lots of fun and getting very inky!  The next day when I was ready to play I realized that I had left my craft mat at the workshop!  Bummer...  Since it was a 4 hour round trip to get the mat I just ordered another one from my LSS.  I think it would have cost more in gas to make the trip than the mat itself cost.  So on Friday I got the new craft mat - aren't they amazing?  You can do anything do these and it just washes off.  I completed these 2 tags - I just love the fall colors.  Not sure if you can see the sparkle from the Distress Stickles on the pumpkins and vine in the photo on the right.  The second one did not turn out as originally planned & I may still play with that one a little more.  I have 2 more tags I've started but not finished.  One thing Wendy told us at the workshop was to have several things in various stages that you are working on.  This way your artwork has plenty of time to dry, you can work on what appeals to you that day and you enjoy the process of creating step by step and layer by layer.

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  1. These are really pretty - I've not sued inks much, and the effects you've achieved are lovely. Like the 'real' leaf in there too!