Saturday, October 29, 2011


There may be sunshine (or Son-shine) on this layout but its anything but sunny here today.  I finished this layout last weekend at a 2 day crop.  And it just makes me smile!  The photos are of my grandson and I got the idea for SON-shine from my daughter-in-law who labeled his photos on Facebook under the title Son-shine.  It brought the lyrics to mind. 
And for the lack of sunshine here - its been snowing or snow showering (mix of snow/rain) all day today.  Its the second time its snowed on our pumpkins this week!  What about you?  A lot of places have had snow - are you one of them?

1 comment:

  1. I heard about the unseasonably early snow on the news! No snow here yet but lots and lots of horrible smog. We can't wait for the weather pattern to change to bring clear blue skies. It's never been this bad. Snuggle up with a hot drink and a good book!