Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creating a mini-book for Heidi Swapp's Memory Files

I am taking Heidi Swapp's Art of Observation class at Big Picture Classes right now.  We are in Week 3 however I'm still working on Week 1's project.  One of the elements for the Memory File we are creating is a Mini-Book.  Here is a look at creating a file folder for that mini-book.  I'll post more on the mini-book as I continue with it.  Email me if you need more information. If you are not taking the class and do not have the templates I think you could freehand the file folder template.

Print two copies of page template #2
Cut first template out on the inside line
Cut second template out using the outer most line
See examples above
Trace each template onto cardstock
Cut out along lines for each

Cut piece of cardstock 8 1/4 inches x 4 inches to use to
act as the spine to connect the front and
back of the file folder
You may want to check the vertical measurement -
I had to cut a little more than 8 1/4 inches to match
the file folder
Using a strong adhesive, adhere each piece of
file folder to the spine

This is what my sample piece looks like inside when open

Here is a close-up (sorry its blurry)
You can see just a little of the spine showing through.
I did not put the two file folder edges right up to each other
so that when I add to the mini-book it will still lie flat.

Here is what the outside of the file folder looks like
when open

The finished file folder


  1. Thanks for sharing Lynn :)
    I'm so enjoying Heidi's ART of Observation journey and getting to know some students along the way. :)
    I have added myself as a follower too!

  2. Great job setting this up - thanks for the tutorial. I'm not taking that class, but it looks like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours progresses.

  3. Great job,Lynn! I have booked marked your tutorial for future reference, too!! THANKS! So, didn't make my book this way, the first go round! Ha!