Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm back....I think....

Hello to my friends in blogland (is that a word?)!  I'm sorry that I've been absent from my blog for so long.  Its been a pretty crazy time the last 3-4 weeks.  First my laptop crashed and it spent time with the Geek Squad.  They were able to save most of my stuff (no I didn't have a good back-up) and put it on a new laptop that I purchased.  So old laptop is now my husband's.  He doesn't do too much on the computer other than email and watching for photos/videos of our grandson on FB.  I'm still working on getting my new laptop where I want it.  Still haven't installed the printer software and just realized I need to download Skype.  Tried to do that this morning without much success.  Its suprising how much time this all takes not to mention the fustration quotient when things don't work like they are suppose to!  My photos and files in Picasa are still a mess - that's going to be a lengthy project and I'm trying to keep from getting too upset about that.  Also need to decide on a back-up plan and decide what I think will work for me.  In the middle of all the laptop angst we put a bid on a house, put our house on the market and then walked away from a counterbid.  I've been cleaning out closets and cupboards, putting photos away, cleaning and doing all the things the "house staging" people on HGTV have said.  I've also been trying to keep up with all the classes I'm doing this quarter/year.  I've only done a few layouts for Twelve but I've done well with my stories I want to tell lists so I'm happy with that.  I'll get to the layouts when I can.  Move More, Eat Well is not going very well for me - I'm hoping that things will settle down and I can get fully engaged in this class.  Project Life - I'm keeping up with this but only because I'm not taking a large number of photos.  Doing a 2 page spread for every couple of weeks lately.  A little more journaling than usual.  One Little Word projects need some catching up.  Seeing a theme here?  The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide is going pretty well.  Have a few videos to watch but I'm spending a little time each day playing with the different mediums so that makes me happy!

I really want to take Tim Holtz's new online class and probably will sign up for it.  Its a self paced class so I can work at my own pace which right now is SLOW!  For more information on Tim's class go here

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is part of this class 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground and I'm thinking of signing up for this as well.  Here is the description from Julie's blog
"21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, Art Journaling workshop that runs for a total of nine months where Art Journalers receive the opportunity to dive into different techniques, methods, and approaches to Art Journaling from a family of diverse, passionate, professional Artists. Each participant is able to choose which order of the 21 classes they take and have an active online community to share and grow with. All information including, pdf's, videos, and supportive text and photos are always available and teachers are present in a timely fashion to answer questions and share their comments" 
It begins April 1st and costs $59. 

So what classes are you doing?  What projects are you working on?  How are they going?  What's keeping you out of your craft/art room/studio?

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