Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Second Floor Challenge

If you're interested in taking your art to a new level or just trying something out of your comfort zone, head over to Julie Balzer Fei-Fan's blog  http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com/ to get started with the Second Floor Challenge!  It's a year long challege with prompts at different times to help inspire you. It starts today so go check it out!   Let me know if you plan to participate! 
I haven't been creating much lately as I'm still trying to get my photos sorted again in Picasa.  With my computer problems 2008 and 2009 photos have completely disappeared from Picasa although 2004, 2005 are there along with 2010 and 2011.  I haven't found any rhyme or reason as to why those groups of photos are missing.  Fortunately I have those two years on CD's but I'm wondering what might be missing that I haven't discovered yet.  This is going to take some time to straighten up so I've decided to work from Jan 2012 and keep up with that and as time allows go back and get the other years sorted out and tagged again.  Kind of discouraging though after all that work.  I'm hoping that I'll be spending a good part of my weekend in my art room although with temperatures approaching the 70's and sunshine predicted I may have to take occasional breaks outside!  Drying time will be short - might have to do some painting and spraying!  What are your crafty plans?

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