Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ali Edwards/Xyron Giveaway

Yesterday I received a large package in the mail.  As always I get pretty excited when something other than bills arrive in the mail!
 Inside were the Xyron products I won in a giveaway over on Ali Edwards' blog at the beginning of December Daily.  As you can see I received the Creative Station which creates stickers (with both permanent and repositionable adhesive), magnets, laminates, and laminates with permanent adhesive on the bottom.  This is a step up from the 5" Create a Sticker that I had.  I also received a Xyron 510 in the new purple color (my old one is orange).  My first thought was to sell or give away my older items but I may keep them to hold the repositionable adhesive and keep the permanent adhesive in the newer items.  It will probably depend on the amount of space they all take up and whether its just easier to switch out the cartridges.  The other products are new to me and include the Xyron Mega Runner (have always wanted one of these), the Xyron Tape Runner and a Xyron Glue Stick.  This is also a permanent adhesive and the really cool thing with this is the fact that it is shaped for corners!  I think this will be really great for mixed media projects.  I plan to show these products in use in future blog posts.  Or you can check out the full line of Xyron products here:
And to check out Ali Edwards' blog:
I've followed Ali's blog for several years now and frequently leave comments both to share feedback and for giveaways (which are always amazing).  This is the first time I've won anything but I've gotten an incredible amount of information and inspiration from Ali over the years.  This includes December Daily, Photoshop, A Week in the Life, Project Life and so much more!
Thanks Ali!  Thanks Xyron!

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