Saturday, January 26, 2013

Liberate Your Art postcard swap


Kat's Eye Studio has just announced sign-ups for this year's Liberate Your Art postcard swap.  Click on the link above for all the details!
Basically you create a piece of "art" - it can take any form - take a photograph of it, place it on a postcard and mail it out to the world.  After sign-ups are complete, you'll receive the names of 5 people to send you art to.  Its super easy.  I found postcards at the office supply store that have one side that is sticky and you just place your photo on it, address it, write a brief note (if you wish) and drop it in the mailbox.  There are a lot of other ways to mail your art and Kat will provide more information after you sign-up.  I've signed up - I hope you will too!

Mixed Media piece for my 2011 postcard

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  1. Wow... gorgeous! I am going to check that out because I love doing Kat's Photo Heart Connection each month. :)