Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Life Week 1

Week 1 left side
Week 1 right side

2013 Week 1 Project Life and Project Real Life

Project Real Life started last October and about 2-3 weeks into
the class it felt like it was something I should do at the
beginning of the year rather than the end.  
I didn't have the time to really put into the class anyway so
that worked out well.
So here I am starting Project Life 2013 with 
Project Real Life. 
Another great reason for doing this now is I don't have to have a third year of snow and bird pictures filling the first 2 months of my Project Life album!
 Project Real Life is a Big Picture Class (BPC) by Becky Higgins.
The first week's theme is Begin with the End in Mind.
What I have in mind for 2013 is to complete things.
Finish books, fill empty picture frames, do all the little things
on my "to do" list for the house, finish projects, finish classes, and more.
I originally was going to have "Complete" as my One Little Word OLW) for 2013 but 
it felt too limiting.  With further reflection and research into various words
I chose "Seek".  More on that in other posts.
Nothing fancy here.  More journaling than I usually do which is a good thing.
I did some stamping on the date card.  Added two fortunes to the date card from fortune cookies we had on New Year's Eve.
I numbered the journaling cards so that the reader could follow the story.
I added a journaling card with my OLW word and definitions.
The quote card and theme of the week cards from Project Real Life 
are in the layout as well.  
I'm using bits and pieces from 2 different year's Project Life supplies along with an extra album I ended up with. 
I'll eventually add my goals sheets from Project Real Life in between Week 1's pages.  For now I'm using them as I work on Week 2's materials.  
Did you set any goals or intentions for 2013?  What are they? 


  1. Hello Lynn,

    I just wanted to thank you for the post a few back on new classes. The LOAD was perfect for me since part of my OLW is to work on the Happiness Project book and get back into scrapping this year. Will be signing up for the 30 days of lists again also.
    It's always fun to start new things and feel inspired again for the new year.

    Great job having your first week done, mine is too. I enjoyed reading about your OLW, GREAT GREAT choice and your pages are lovely.

    SO MANY BlOGS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE, I try to say away but still go back to sitting here again.

    Good luck in all you do this year! Need to come back more often, always enjoy your blog and projects!!

  2. Hi Lynn! How are you doing?? I love your first layout for 2013. How did you like Project Real Life? I have been doing a ton of goal setting, setting new year's intentions and getting started on Project Life (I'll post that page soon - it's alreayd complete, though - hurray!). I've done a ton of blogging about my goals & intentions since the New Year began. Stop by if you'd like to read about them. I have another post written and set to publish tomorrow evening, in fact. I hadn't planned on it but since I let go of the OLW Blog Hop, my creative juices have been flowing and I suddenly want to blog with a vengeance! Go figure! It's nice to stop by again and see what you are up to! /Margie

    1. Margie, I only got to about Week 4 when life took over. By that point I really felt that it would be better to do it at the beginning of 2013 which is what I'm doing now. It really ties in with my OLW this year so that's pretty neat. OLW BLog Hop won't be the same without you though!

  3. Hi Lynn! Looks like you are off to a great start!! It's always nice when we can make a class work for us!! Good for you!