Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Get your photos out on display

 I found this old ladder this past summer in an antique/junk store.  It started it's life as a farm ladder (probably to a hay loft) and was twice it's current size.  The photo above is after my husband sanded and spray-painted it black.  
 I took one of my fall layouts and my fall bucket list layout, put them in page protectors and using the 3M velcro strips (in photo above) and applied them to the spine of the page protector.  So the spine of the page protector runs along the rung of the ladder.  This allows me to use the open side of the page protector to change out the layouts with the season or occasion.
 I then attached the page protectors to the back of the rungs with the other half of the 3M velcro strip.  
 Here's the top half of the ladder.  It's so hard to get a good photo this time of year.  Even out in the natural light.  It's been grey and overcast most of the day.
And the bottom part of the ladder.  I don't have a lot of table or display space in my home so this works really well for me as I have a few spots where I can lean it against an empty wall space.  It might also end up in my craft room which was my original intent.
This is another Pinterest project that I adapted for this purpose.  I am also going to use this for photos in the future as well.  I have some favorite photos that I plan to enlarge to 12 x 12.  
How do you display your layouts and photos?  

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