Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Creations® Craftable Containers - More great gift ideas

I'm loving these Close To My Heart videos and am working on my next order.  I'm catching up on several of them as I am confined to resting today.  I slipped this morning as I got of a bed, turning my ankle and ended up getting x-rays of my right ankle.  The swelling was pretty impressive and while the doctor thought it might be fractured it seems to be only a sprain.  I now have an aircast and crutches.  So I'm spending the day in bed with my leg elevated and an ice pack on my ankle. I'll be off it the next day or two at least.  We'll see how the swelling goes.  
Anyways, this gives me the opportunity to start thinking about the holidays and making a list of things I still need to get for gifts I want to make.  So if you find yourself with a quiet or rainy day watch the videos along with me for ideas and inspiration.  

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