Sunday, October 27, 2013

We "Boo", Do You?

Two of our friends will find these on their doorstep tomorrow night!

 I really enjoy Pinterest for all the great ideas there. What I love most is finding ideas for things I can do.
I had never heard of "Boo-ing" friends or family until I found these two printables.  The one in the back has a Halloween poem and then the directions for the people who have been "Boo'ed are below that.  
Here's the basic idea - put together a treat basket or bucket.  It can be anything you like.  In the buckets I made I have a Halloween movie (one is Beetlejuice and the other is Caspar).  A package of microwave popcorn, a bag of candy corn, a box of Junior mints, a roll of Necco waffers, a post-it pad and a little Christmas notebook.  I also included these two little pumpkins at the top. The poem lets the receiver know that they have been "boo-ed" and to follow the directions below the poem.  The receivers are challenged to turn around and "Boo" two more people within two days.  The "We've Been Booed" sign is meant to go on their outside doorknob so people can see they've been "boo-ed"  
Sounds fun, doesn't it?  The printables are on my Fall Pinterest board if you're interested in  "booing" your friends or family.

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