Sunday, December 1, 2013

End of vacation week

My vacation week is coming to an end.  I head back to work in the morning. So while I've not been posting my 30 Days of Thankful pages on a a daily basis like I had hoped to, I have been very aware of the many things each day I have to be thankful for.  I think, too, it's important to live your life first and document it, second.  So I've been living and creating this last week.  Now to show you some of my finished pages for my 30 Days of Thankful album. 
 I've been having a lot of fun with Pinterest this year and actually creating/doing several of the ideas I've pinned!
Day 20 - thankful for Pinterest  

Day 21-thankful for Pumpkin (our youngest cat)

Day 22 - thankful for Patch (our oldest cat)

Day 23 - thankful for weather alerts
We've had some snowy weather (a foot of snow one day!) and some really cold temperatures so it's good to be prepared!

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  1. Great job keeping up with this project this month Lynn!!