Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finishing 30 Days of Thankful

 I rarely get into my craft room during the week so this project has taken longer than I would like.  I'm happy to have a complete album!
 I had it all finished except for adhering some photos so I got that finished today.  I had two photos from Thanksgiving that
I wanted to include so I got these Flip Flop fasteners out.  I adhered the two photos together back to back.

 There are quite a few Flip Flops on a sheet (2 sheets to a package).  I'm not sure if you can see them in the photos as they are clear.

 I adhered the Flip Flop the photo on the back of the photo I wanted to show first.  Fold the Flip Flop back on itself & position the photo.

 I used the Flip Flops here too.  Lots of snow photos this year.

Done.  I do plan to go back and add embellishments. But the album can stand on it's own if I never get back to it for which I am very happy!
Notes for next year:
Print Cathy Zielske's templates per instructions for a 6 x 6 album.  I did find out though that I did enjoy working in an 8 x 8 album size which I may choose for other future projects. 
Have pages ready to go before November 1st.
Gather possible embellishments through the year.
There are some things I am going to be grateful for each and every year and are a given.  I plan to take photos or gather photos of those topics prior to November.  Photo printing slowed the project way down so I'd like to have a head start on those even if I don't end up using the photos for the project. The writing is what gives the album the voice of what I am thinking at feeling on that day.
I also plan to add one of the projects that I shared through the month to next year's preparation for Thanksgiving.  I like being so much more intentional and thoughtful about Thanksgiving.  It's carried over into December and I like that.
I hope to be back shortly with an update on my Holiday Album.
How are your Christmas preparations coming? 

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your album - it looks great & I'm so glad it was a good project for you this year. We're having a very laid back December this year, avoiding most of the hustle & bustle of holiday events in favor of quiet evenings at home! :>)