Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

 I've been inspired by Jessica at The Mom Creative to work on my Project Life so that I'm caught up by the end of the year.  You can check her blog out at http://www.themomcreative.com/ and follow the progress of her Operation Project Life Tuesday.  She also discusses a variety of topics and provides a lot of good information and links. 
The photo on the left is the left side page of the most current week that I have done.  This is the last week in September.  I frequently use the small pockets in the middle to cut one 4" x 6" photo in half & place it side by side.  You need to trim a little from the top and end but it works really well I think.

The second photo shows the right hand side of the week & as you can see I have a lot of items just punched and placed directly into the album.

                                                                                                                                                                               In the third photo I've turned all the items that are on top of the right hand page protector.  There are two more cards (one was too large for the pockets and was punched & placed directly into the album) & 2 photos along with movie ticket stubs, library check-out list, & a restaurant receipt.  On the left you can see part of my calendar page from my Ditto album.  I use that to keep track of the things we do or that I want to write about.

Life Jessica I'm pretty thin on journaling throughout the album and plan to add more.  I'm happy with where I am with this album - its so much more than I would have had with a "traditional" album.

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  1. Great job adding in little bits of "life" here and there. The album looks great! I love how you used the 4x6 cut in half for the journal spots. Great idea!