Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter wreath

For the second year in a row, two of my co-workers and myself put together a wreath for our hospital's Auxillary's Holiday Fair.  This year, as you can see, we decided to work with black, silver and red.  We each look for items and then when we think we have enough we start putting it together.  Fortunately, Linda is a great bow-maker so she always does our bow.  We don't usually end up using everything we each get but always can find other projects for the items.  Doesn't take long and raises funds for the hospital. 
I'm hoping to make another wreath in a couple of weeks - this time a real one from scratch.  The Jamestown Audubon is offering wreath making and paper making workshops and I'm hoping when I call they will still have a spot for me!  What activities are you planning for this winter/holiday season?

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