Monday, November 4, 2013

Expressing thankfulness



A friend of mine tells me that each member of her family writes what they are thankful for each day on a leaf and place it in the jar.  Each week they add the leaves to a hand-drawn tree on their wall.  
It always amazes me how there is such variety in how people express themselves.  
My 30 Days of Thankful project.....
As usual my best intentions have been slightly derailed but for a good reason.  I had hoped to get a few days ahead and posts planned out on Sunday but instead we went on a cleaning spree. So I still need to order my album, print my photos and set up some blog posts.  Here is what I've been thankful for to date:
November 1 My job
November 2 Comforting routines
November 3 Lily (our dog)
What have you been thankful for?

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  1. I like the jar idea! A few years ago, my sister had her girls write what they were thankful for on leaves & they glued them to a tree drawn on a poster board.