Saturday, November 2, 2013

More gratitude projects....and progress

 It's November 2nd and there is still plenty of time for you to begin a Thanks-giving, 30 Days of Thankful or gratitude type project.  If like me, you would like to be more intentional in the days leading to Thanksgiving, check out the ideas in yesterday's post and here.  
 I love Pinterest!  I'm great at modifying or beginning with other people's creative ideas and only occasionally come up with my own original project.  Most often it's a combination of many peoples ideas.  I never would have thought of a Thankful Tree but really love this idea. I'm adding it to my Fall Bucket List for next year.  I'm not sure what format it will take but I'm partial to the ones with photos.
To see more "Thankful Tree" ideas follow this link to the Pinterest board

To see more "Thankful Tree" ideas follow this link to the Pinterest board
You can also follow my Gratitude Pinterest board by following this link:

                              I made a lot more  progress than I     expected last         night.                                                                                                                
I was able to cut all the 8 x 8 cardstock and finish trimming all the pieces I printed from Cathy Zielske's templates.  I put the pages together and slid them in the page protectors to keep them clean and safe.  I have a kitty that likes to chew on paper corners! Today I was able to complete the journaling for yesterday and today.  I've taken the photos to go with the journaling but need to print them out.  I'm hoping to do that tomorrow.
Let me know if you are doing any type of Gratitude or Thankful project.  I'd love to share your photo(s) here. I'm also looking for Guest Bloggers so let me know if you are interested.


  1. Hello Lynn, so nice to see these thankful posts from you. I celebrate being thankful each day this month and will be joining Cathy too. I'm keeping mine in my PL again this year, just makes it easier for me. My other favorite project I do each November is thankful leaves, reallllly love the ones here that you shared. SO PRETTY!! I will have to add this to my list for fall maybe even this month. My leaves aren't nearly as pretty but I still enjoy them each year. I cut out leaves from construction paper and put them in a jar that's on the table, each night we all fill out one of what were thankful for that day. I tape them onto the door that's in our kitchen, love seeing it fill up over the month. At the end I take them down and save them in the back of my PL album.
    I also started another new project this month, a prayer/blessings journal. I am taking time each morning to read the bible and making a page in my journal, loving it so far.
    Feel free to come by and check them out and I will come by on Friday's when Cathy does her link ups.
    Happy November and THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful post and finding time each day to be thankful!

  2. I think those Thankful Trees are so cute! Great job on your album so far! I've been very thankful this weekend that I'm well after a bout of being ill and for a friend who came to crop with me yesterday!