Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

This month has just flown by (as usual)!  My husband and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving tonight as he works 12 hour shifts the next two days.  Our grown children live on the opposite side of the country from us so it's just the two of us.  Dinner will be a pared down version from what it has been in the past but hopefully just as yummy!  
I've been on vacation this week. I'm enjoying not getting up at my usual time and really enjoyed not driving to work this morning after the foot of snow that fell yesterday and last night!  
I've not been out of the house except to take Lily (our dog) out so I've not gotten the rest of my photos to work on more 30 Days of Thankful pages. Tomorrow I'll probably venture out again.
In the meantime I wanted to share that in the November edition of "Family Fun" magazine there is an article about teaching your kids about gratitude that I thought those of you with children may be interested in.  I really liked several of the ideas listed in the article but I think my favorite is taking strips of red and green construction paper to make a gratitude chain.  Each day the child writes down something they are grateful for on a green strip of paper and a good deed they performed on a red strip of paper.  Staple the ends of the strip to create a circle and with the next strip place it through the circle and staple to create a chain.  At the end of November you have a holiday chain to decorate your house or tree.  
I'm getting ready to do Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle this year.  I did a December Daily style album last year (for the 2nd year) and followed along with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas (JYC).  I'm really looking to do more journaling this year and pull in some Christmas memories as well so I'll be following JYC much more closely this year.  
Guess I better go get dinner started....Have a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving!  

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