Monday, November 25, 2013

Today I am thankful for Pinterest.....

I'm not showing you one of completed 30 Days of Thankful pages today as I wanted to show you how I took a Pinterest pin and created washi tape and journaling card storage and organization.
The pin below is from the blog "A Bowl Full of Lemons".  If you are into organization, planners, office supplies, etc then you need to check out this blog.

washi tape storage on A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS

I thought this was a really clever idea to use dowels and 3M Command hooks to create washi storage.  I then took it a step further......

 Office supplies you may already have on hand.
 3M Command Center General Purpose Wire Hooks
3 hooks per package
Holds 1/2 pound
(Disclaimer:  I am not a paid spokesperson for 3M/Command products)
 I already had the dowels so it was just a matter of attaching the hooks to the wall so that the dowel fit on the hooks properly.  Super easy.  Totally my style!  My washi tape looks really pitiful.  I have more. Somewhere. I have to track it down.  I had two rolls that were much bigger that did not fit on the dowel.
 Since I knew I would not need the second dowel for washi tape I came up with this idea.  I put the clips on the rings and slid them onto the dowels.
 I've got six on there to start with.
I plan to add more after I use this for awhile.  I 
find it helpful to live with something to see how it
works first and then add to it over time.  As you can
see I have a package of buttons clipped on, several different types of journaling cards and 2 stamp
sets that are an odd size and don't fit with the rest of my stamp storage.  I use them for my Project Life pages.
This dowel is next to the table where I work on my Project Life album and I think this will be a great way to put items out on display and  actually put them into my albums.
I also have to give credit to Big Picture Classes and their Organizing FUNdamentals class that I took earlier this year.  Thanks to that class (and Wendy & Aly, the instructors) I have an organized, albeit messy, craft room that I enjoy being in.  I think about space differently and how to use/repurpose things for organizational purposes.  If I hadn't taken Organizing FUNdamentals I probably would not have paid attention to the Pinterest pin at the top of this post.  
Do you enjoy Pinterest?  Have you made or completed projects that you have pinned?


  1. Omg! Love this idea! Thank you!!

  2. You're welcome! Let me know if you use it in your craft room.