Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Journal Every Day 2011

If you have ever thought about working on an art journal this site (see below) is a great inspiration with some how to get started tips.  My strategy to this is to take 10-15 minutes max and just play with some products with no end result in mind although in the photo at the left my One Little Word project (illuminate) was certainly in my mind when I created this with Paint Dabbers and some Distress Stickles.

I didn't hear about this project until this past weekend so I've only done a few days so far but I've already found it to be fun, relaxing & productive.  I had some problems with my paint dabbers and through my All Things Tim Yahoo group I found out that others are too.  Some solutions if you have problems include adding a dropperful of water to the paint dabber and mix with a craft stick.  Many are using the dabber top once and then resorting to using a paint brush from then on. I also found out that you can purchase new dabber tops which I wasn't aware of.  In just a few minutes each day I've also used several products and stamps that I hadn't found time to use before. 

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  1. Love your bright colored page! And I'm so glad that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!