Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Life - 2nd Week

 Here's the full 2 page layout with close-ups of each side below that.  I'll have Weeks 3 & 4 to post this weekend.  Between the 2nd and 3rd week I got sick and so I got a little behind.  Just about caught up.  I'm actually finding this very easy to do although it does take a little planning, keeping your camera handy and  learning to look for photo ops that you might not normally take advantage of.

I'm not doing a strict photo a day style project but focusing on the activities of the week.  This week's photos include several outdoor shots after a snowfall some right before the sun rose and others later in the day.  I aslo took some photos of the animal tracks in the snow - my dog, Lily's, the deer and some birds along with my tracks.  I ran out of 4 x 6 spots so I cut the photos in half and put them in the smaller pockets in the middle and I like the way it looks.  There's also a photo of one of pages in my Art Every Day journal.  While I'm not actually doing something every day I've tried quite a few techniques in my journal and am having fun even if its only for 15-20 minutes!  There is also a photo of my craft room a week later and its not looking as organized or tidy as it did a week ago!

I still need to get some different size page protectors for the odds & ends that I want to include like my birthday cards and some other memorabilia. 
So far I've pretty much stuck with exactly what came with the Project Life kit and haven't strayed from the original intent of Becky Higgins project.  I'll be looking to add a few more of my own touches and to use the bonus cardstock that came with the kit as I get more comfortable with the process. 
I'm also hoping in the future to start learning more about digital and hybrid scrapbooking.  For now though, I'm really enjoying this. With each week completed there is a sense of accomplishment and you quickly have a variety of things to look at. 

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