Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word, Project Life

Working a little each day on both my projects.  Still waiting for the album and page protectors the One Little Word. I have several pages started so I hope to have some photos this weekend for both projects as the album and page protectors are due to arrive Thursday and I'm developing photos on Fri.  For One Little Word I'm working on the definitions, synonyms, quotes, etc to get to know my word illuminate.  For Project Life I'm taking photos each day and at the end of the week will make a final decision as to which ones make it in the album for the week.  I'll then complete my journaling.  I'm keeping notes though each day because I know by the end of the week I'll forget why I wanted to take that particular photo!  Today's photo I took a picture of my desk at work as I arrived.  Its generally covered with papers, films, jackets & more but today was particularly bad because of the 3 day weekend.  We'll see if it makes it to the album!

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