Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Word with Ali Edwards

I don't have any photos today.  Yesterday we finished putting all the Christmas stuff away.  I was so happy to get all our ornaments into an ornament storage box.  I've pulled all the ones that need repairing out and will work on those (sometime).  So today I spent catching up on some stuff with Tom in the morning - bills, figuring out how some of Christmas gifts work.  I got him a pandigital scanner.  He has a lot of old negatives and slides of train stuff (his passion) along with a lot of photos so he's going digital with it all.  This afternoon while he watched the Bills game (he's a diehard fan with low expectations) I did some printing of digital elements for my One Word project.  One Word is Ali Edwards' class over at Big Picture Classes.  The essence of this 12 month long class is to pick a word, or in some cases, the word picks you and you work with that word through the year.  On the first of each month Ali provides prompts and materials for you to explore, get to know and "invite the word into your life".  Check out the course information at  Site registration is free.  You get access to their free classes and you might find some other classes that you like!  Anyways, I haven't gotten my album or page protectors yet as I just decided last weekend to do this class as well as Project Life.  I've got everything printed out for January and my next step is doing the actual work which I hope to start tomorrow.  I'll share photos of pages as they come together for this project and Project Life.  An additional benefit of this class, for me at least, is learning a little more about PhotoShop and a variety of file types.  Ali offers pdf files which I am familar with but as I have time I'll do the other tutorials and start becoming a little more digital saavy! 

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