Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project Life - First week

 Top photo is the title page for my 2011 Project Life album.  As I may have mentioned before I'm not necessarily doing a  page a day as my work week is not all that exciting usually.  Weekends, generally, are when our activities are scheduled (particularly in the winter - I don't like going back out in the cold once I'm home).  This is working out really well for me and I'm really excited about this project.  I've been in a scrapbooking slump for quite awhile and not anywhere near as productive as I once was and this looks like its going to help me get my albums done!  I know many people on the message boards have questioned whether this is a project for people without kids and I think its a great answer for those with kids or empty nesters.  This way your able to share a glimpse into your life even though you may not have as many photos of one subject or event as you would if you had children.  Did I mention that this is a FREE class through Big Picture Classes?  Its worth registering at Big Picture Classes and signing up for the class to get access to the community and message boards.  Lots of great resources there.   The next photo is the left sided page of my first week layout.  On New Year's weekend we were packing up our Christmas stuff and this year I was determined to go through our decorations, weed out was broken and not repairable, what needed to be fixed (another to do pile in my craft room!) and what didn't fit with our color scheme (we're working towards a red, silver, white color theme).  I actually got it done and was thrilled that all our ornaments and a few small decorations fit all into one ornament tote that we got this year at the after Christmas sales.  There are 3 small photos in the center row that are pictures of the 3 oldest ornaments that I have left from my mom & dad and grandma.  The one on the far left was brought over from Germany with my great-grandma.  Anyways, I never would have thought to photograph these items if it wasn't for this project.  I wish now I had taken photos of all the Christmas ornaments my sons made over the years and are now gone.  Construction paper, paint, school glue and macaroni does not have a long shelf life! The other photos on this page are the actual box that the kit comes in and my very clean and well-organized craft room (remember this photo - I have a very different looking one for this week's layout!).
                                                                                    Last photo is my right hand side of this week's layout.  Photo of the mess on my desk as I worked on the decorations project and putting my Project Life album together.  The next photo is a picture of my laptop screen during a Skype call with Derek & Katie as they opened their Christmas presents from us on New Year's Day.  Love Skype!  They had visited Katie's family for Christmas and had saved our presents for their return home.  Photos of Lily ready for the Penn State Bowl game :( she's not looking too happy as they lost.  A photo of me at breakfast on Sat - Tom looking over our finances (a yearly tradition we do at the beginning of the year) and my Project Life album on its table all set to go.  I used one double journaling card and one single card for all I wanted to say.  It will be interesting to see how this evolves as the year goes on.  I'm looking for some different size page protectors for those weeks (I'm thinking when my first grandchild arrives, summertime, visits with the kids) when I have a lot more photos to share.  I think I'll also get more creative with embellishments, some matting, and doing some photo editing.  Some people are doing this project digitally or a hybrid style but we all are learning a lot. 

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  1. Love this layout, too. I want my first title page to look a lot like yours. I love even the first week of this and how simple it is to let the photos tell the story. Sometimes, I think we get so caught up in the design elements that we just never get the story told. Like you, I'm dragging with my scrapbooking and am so excited about the jump start! PS: I also chose a word of the year...have for several years. My word is "sweetness". :) I enjoy seeing your delving into your "word"...makes me want to re-examine my own!