Sunday, June 12, 2011

Allentown Art Festival

This is embroidery - its NOT paint!

As always, Allentown was just amazing!  This is a very small sample of the artists that were there.  There's between 450-500 artists (my rough count from the program).  Can you tell I'm attracted to bright colors?  We had a little rain shortly after we got there so I didn't get photos of some of my other favorites.  Plus many artists had signs posted "no photos, please".   Hope you are able to get to an art festival close to you this summer.  Great way to be inspired!  Kane, PA's Art in the Wilds is next weekend. 


  1. The large piece on the left of the first picture is gorgeous!!! I cannot believe these are all embroidered!!! they are all so beautifully detailed. I so wish there was something like this in England :(

  2. Art Shows like this are such great inspiration.