Monday, June 6, 2011

Composition for Collage

Asymmetrical collage - take one

Asymmetrical collage - take two
 Here is my first assignment for the Composition for Collage class I'm taking online at Big Picture Classes.  The top photo is the first piece I put in for review by Claudine Hellmuth, the instructor.  The only suggestion she had was to cut away the piece to the left of the woman's face in that image and let the lace show through.  I did that but the piece of lace does not cover the entire width of the background and then when I went to adhere everything down I did not line up the top of the lace and the top of her head as well as I did in the first photo.   Classes are for learning, I remind myself, and I did have a lot of fun.  Please feel free to share your comments!

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  1. What a lovely photo and paper for this layout. I think they are both good but do like the photo better this way in the second one. You are right about classes being for learning, that's what I did in my class too. Have fun.