Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st - One Little Word Blog Hop begins at 11am ET

Before I begin discussing my pages for May's prompt I want to say Thank You to all that participated in last month's blog hop and for all the comments that were left.  I really appreciate the time that you take to do the blog hop. Last month's giveaway winner was "learncreatedo"  and I'm looking forward to hearing from them so that I can mail their goodies out.  Learncreatedo - please email me at with your address and I'll get that out to you this week! 
This month we were asked to write down our "ideas, thougths, tasks, missions and stuff you want to tackle with your word this year".  Ali provided handouts where we could write our list along with comments about each one and a start and end date.  I ended up with several sheets filled out with things I want to complete this year in the areas of health, family, finance, creativity, simplicity, and clarity.  Some of the  things that we have accomplished so far this year as we have illuminated these areas are:
*started Life Lists
*turned in our second car and are learning to be a one car couple (we can do this easier than others as our workplace is only 3 minutes away)
*got rid of cable, our landline and found a less expensive option for internet service
(Just these 2 things combine for a saving of about $500 to decrease debt in other areas)
*continue to attend weekly Weight Watchers meeting - unfortunately a change in medications has caused me to gain back most of the weight I lost!
*de-cluttered our house (this has led to $450 in sales of items we no longer needed and our Yard Sale is coming up this Sat) and am working on Project 333
*completed a values assessment
*Have kept current with Project Life and One Little Word

My TO DO Lists

My One Little Word album through May

My Goals Box
 I'm very pleased with our progress to date.  One other thing that I have done and this was just my way of keeping myself immersed in my to do list and goals is the creation of the box above.  There is a folder in there for each of my areas I listed above (finance, family, health, etc) and as I find items (blog posts, info from websites or blogs, etc.) that pertain to that item it goes in its folder.  I had been thinking about an Inspiration Board but thought this was more functional.  Everything is in one place and I can review the materials in each folder to make sure I'm make steady progress on each goal and project.  I also have a second copy of My To Do Lists that I keep in my tote so that I can review every few days.  In the past I think I ended up losing track of what I wanted to accomplish so I'm hoping this will help me.  Thank you for stopping by.  I'm doing another giveaway this month so leave a comment and I'll be drawing a name for the goodies on the 8th of June. I'll post the winner here and on the OLW messageboard so watch for the winner!

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Here's the full list if you want to start from the beginning or lose your way!


  1. Your album looks great. And you have such great ideas for organizing your goals and to dos. I will definitely have to steal a few.

  2. Looks like you are very organized!! Wonderful! Just noticed your are from Jamestown!! I'm org. from Buffalo! :) Thanks for your comments on my blog too!

  3. I totally love that you've incorporated Ali's spreadsheets into others areas of your life.

  4. You are so blessed. What good it would do me to get organized about all of this! I love how so many of the things on your list are "letting go", it means goodness will have more space to flow in?

    This is so inspiring me today to take steps to organize my space a bit. Thank you so much!

  5. Wow, you are doing a fantastic job on your goals! I like the idea of a goal box. Very organized!

  6. omg my first giveaway prize ever! thank you sooo much!

    your goals box is a fab idea! I might have to pinch that one.

  7. wow so many pages of goals - love the idea of the 'box' I need something like that. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  8. Wow you have so much going on. Love it! So how many tasks did you set for yourself with this month's prompt. I have no doubt you will complete them all.

  9. your accomplishments are fabulous! i am way impressed. this process is working for you so well.
    you go, girl!

  10. This is an awesome way to stay on task - I love how the word is part of your first now! :) Impressive!

  11. I amazed at how you really took to this prompt and have so many goal sheets - I thought I was going above and beyond printing out a third sheet, but you really show what can be done if you take something to heart.