Thursday, June 16, 2011

More than art at Allentown Art Festival

 There is so much more than art at the Allentown Art Festival.  Sometimes my husband and I just find a spot to sit and people watch.  Along the route there are food vendors (yum) along with a variety of restaurants to try - many with outdoor patio areas.  There are also shops along the way.  At the dress shop in the 2nd photo I was mesmerized by the "live" mannequins.  Its hard to tell because of the glare on the window but there are 2 mannequins in the window and occasionally they moved like wind-up dolls to a new position accompanied by some great music.  They attracted quite a crowd and the shop was doing a brisk business.  I also love to look at the variety of houses along the route.  The third photo being an example of just one.  I'd love to see the inside of the towers!  Buffalo and the Allentown area has quite an architectural history and there are several tours that you can take to check it out - I need to do that one of these days.  Hope you have some great plans for the upcoming weekend.  My weekend is starting early as we head back to Buffalo tomorrow.

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