Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finding Photo Freedom.....

Photo Central

Film cartridges, index prints, large photos, old photos, and ???

Photos stored chronologically  in a family box and each son has his own box
 The top photo is of Photo Central (my dining room).  At the far end is my Project Life album and supplies for that.  At the near end are my boxes of photos (a slight step up from how Mom left photos for me - shoe boxes full in her closet).  The photos are mostly organized chronologically.  Amazes me that I have 10 full albums of family photos and 4 albums for the boys and there are still all these photos.
I started scrapbooking while my oldest was in college so the photos definitely had a head start on me.  Today is the first day of Stacy Julian's Finding Photo Freedom class (formerly called Library of Memories or LOM) and I'm looking forward to utilizing her system for my photos and memorabilia.

 Besides working on the print photos and memorabilia I've been working on my digital prints as part of our pre-class work.  I've downloaded Picasa (quite painless and easy) and pretty much have my digital photos organized there.  I don't have them rated yet as Stacy has outlined.  I have to think about that some more.  I don't have as many digital photos as most people do.  I have less than a 1000 total on Picasa.  We've only had the digital camera for 4-5 years (yes, we're slow adopters of new technology!) and I have been good about deleting poor quality shots or photos I know I'm not going to do anything with.  Plus our sons are all grown up, married and live on the opposite side of the country so most of our photo taking occurs a few times a year with visits back and forth.  So my journey begins in Finding Photo Freedom....I'll keep you posted!

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