Sunday, June 26, 2011

Composition for Collage

Here is my last collage for Claudine Hellmuth's Composition for Collage class which ends this Wednesday. This one is using a grid compositional structure and I found this to be the easiest of the four that Claudine taught us (asymmetrical, horizontal, vignette and grid).  I think that comes from my scrapbooking and crafting background.  Vignette is my next favorite structure for the same reason.  Boy, those 4 weeks flew by!  I don't think I'll get another collage finished between now and Wed.  I'm getting my work space(s) straightened up and cleaned so I'm ready to start MotherLOAD on Thursday and continue with Finding Photo Freedom.  Those 2 classes will take me through the rest of the summer.  For Photo Freedom I'm working on some of the tasks on the weekly task lists but I'm in a holding pattern until the 2 new storage binders I ordered arrive on Tuesday than I continue filling those and then work on my category drawers. 
Just a reminder that the monthly One Little Word Blog Hop will be this Friday, July 1st starting at 11am ET.  Hope you'll stop back and hop through the blogs.  This month's prompt was a very creative one so I'll think you'll enjoy and maybe find some inspiration for your own work as well!

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  1. I'm taking Mother LOAD, Photo Freedom, a card class and a sketch class this summer! So much for relaxing. (but scrapping always is) Lovely collage, I'm a big fan of the grid! Found your blog through the Mother LOAD class at BPC. Thanks for sharing the link!