Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shopping Trip and A Week in the Life

This past Friday I was in Buffalo, NY (about one and a half hours away from my home) and I stopped into my favorite scrapbook store Buffalo Stamps.  In the top photo is are some of the items I got while I was there.  I also got $10 off my purchases for filling up my frequent shopper's card.  A modest day of shopping.  While I'll mention some of the other items over the next few days today I want to show you the item at the very top of the first photo.
These are Scribbles Glitter Borders Weekdays in Black (item # 4935).  The second photo down has a close-up of the one side of the package.  Saturday, Sunday and three phrases are on the back.  The 3 phrases are "a good day", "this week" and "enjoy today".  The 3rd photo has a close-up of the packaging top.  These looked similar to some of the digital stuff that Ali does and since I've not gotten into digital scrapbooking in a big way I thought these would be perfect for other paper scrapbookers!
These caught my eye as I am planning on doing Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life" this year.  She has it set for Monday, July 25th through Sunday, July 31st this year.  Here's the link to the basics about A Week in the Life
Another link that has information on how to prepare for A Week in the Life is
The information provided on these 2 links will get you started & ready.  I'd also advise that you sign up to get Ali's emails from her blog so you'll have updated info delivered right to your mailbox.  She has tons of great info and I've learned so much from her. 


  1. OOO, I grew up in E. Aurora!! Sounds like you had a very fun shopping trip. I'm anxious to dig into a new Week in the Life project!