Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stuff everywhere!

 This table is covered with items I'm working on for Composition for Collage and One Little Word(OLW).  I'm waiting for feedback from Claudine Hellmuth (our instructor) to see if I need to work on my first collage more.  Will post a photo once its done.  Will also post the artwork for OLW once its done.  We've been encouraged by both instructors to work on the pieces and then let them sit for awhile.  I have a hard time with that as I'm programmed to finish what I start.  So this is going to be a lesson in patience for me.
I currently have the dining room table covered with my 2011 Project Life album at the far end and Owen's baby album on the side toward the windows.  At this end are all the boxes of photos that I'm now starting to work on for Finding Photo Freedom (FPF).  With FPF my goal is to have all my print photos and all my digital photos to a point where I can find any photo within 5 minutes.  They will also be organized so that I can tell better stories with my layouts and get away from strict chronological scrapbooking.  I'll keep you posted as to how that is going over the next 10 weeks.  This week we've been working on putting digital prints into folders as well as purging photos that we do not want or are poor quality- I'm using Picasa.  We also are to take 250 print photos, purge what we don't want and put the rest into storage binders.  I'm about half done with that and am pretty much set with my digital photos.  I need to order a couple more storage binders now that I've decided to definitely use the 3-up albums.
Besides keeping on top of the classwork my other goal for this week is to get my craftroom back into shape.  The tables are all in our garage as we finish up our yard sale this week.

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  1. wow again, you really are busy with classes. I love how our hobbies move from one table to another table to another room. It's fun to have it all out and just bounce between each project as you want to. Good for you doing all this and getting organized.